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Member Spotlight by Randy Payne, President of Adena Corporation

Provide us with a brief summary of your business’ services.
Adena Corporation, established in 1982, is a family-owned, construction management and general contracting firm based in Mansfield, Ohio with regional offices in Columbus, Ohio and Lakeland, Florida. In addition to construction management and design-build services, Adena specializes in self-performing concrete, masonry, steel erection, structural steel fabrication, rough carpentry and finish carpentry. With the recent acquisition of Quandel Construction’s Westerville office, Adena will expand its current Special Projects Group to the Central Ohio area to serve that marketplace.

Adena provides design-bid-build, design-build and construction management services to the commercial/retail, K-12 education, higher education, healthcare, industrial/manufacturing, multi-family/student housing, senior living and amusement industries. Some of the company’s most technical work includes, but is not limited to: roller coaster erection, urban steel erection, multi-story masonry and concrete press pits.

Tell us about your company’s mission and values.
Safety– At Adena Corporation, safety is our number one value. We’re proud of the numerous safety awards the company has earned within the last decade, specifically earning the STEP Award through Associated Builders and Contractors each year since 2005. Adena has a full-time Director of Safety, as well as a full-time contracted safety officer for the Lakeland, Florida office. All field employees are required to obtain the 10-hr OSHA training certification and all field management employees must successfully complete the 30-hr OSHA course. In addition, Adena has committed to providing a drug-free workplace to ensure the safety of employees, subcontractors, owners and the general public.

Quality– Much of our success can be attributed to repeat business. Adena provides the highest quality of craftsmanship and requires the same level of quality from our suppliers and subcontractors. Due to this high expectation, we’ve earned the respect of our clients, who have not only hired us for additional projects, but have also referred us to industry partners to complete quality projects for them.

Integrity– Adena promotes a culture of operating with honesty and integrity. The company is focused on doing the right thing, at all times, no matter the circumstances. At Adena, each member of the team is considered family. What one person says or does reflects on all of us. That’s why the expectations remain high for every single employee to put forth his/her very best effort for the company and our clients.

Team– Adena has one of the largest and strongest self-perform teams in the state of Ohio. Adena team members work hand-in-hand with organizational leadership, administrative staff and subcontractors to serve our clients’ business needs, meet budgets and deadlines, resolve issues in a timely manner and provide high-quality workmanship.

What are the services you use the most (or are looking forward to using) from the Columbus Chamber?
We look forward to partnering with the Columbus Chamber as Adena begins to increase brand awareness in the central Ohio community. We plan to be actively involved with the Chamber through attendance at signature events and engagement in various networking and leadership opportunities.

How do you stay engaged with trends that you see in your industry?
The construction industry is ever-changing and Adena is dedicated to providing exemplary service to our clients. We do this by ensuring that our team members have been trained in the most up-to-date applications and best practices. Because of Adena’s self-performing capabilities, the company has first-hand knowledge of both regional and potential future market trends. Adena also fosters open communication between owners, designers, architects and other trade contractors on every project to help drive innovation and sustainability.

What is your company culture like/What does it take to be a successful employee at your company?
At Adena Corporation, each employee is part of a diverse, hard-working team. We recognize that a strong employee base is our company’s biggest asset. Adena looks first to promote internally and aligns each employee with a career path toward his/her goals. Each leader encourages open dialogue with employees and focuses on building and fostering lasting relationships. In fact, these relationships are actually the most important building we do. How Adena treats its employees carries over into how the company and individual teams take care of our clients and our community.

What makes Columbus such a great place to do business?
Columbus is adapting to change and embracing continued growth. In addition, Columbus continues to find new solutions to age-old problems while maintaining the integrity of the past and planning for the future. The city has been successful in this, from its building of the new National Veterans Memorial and Museum to earning the Smart City designation.

Similarly, our Adena team works hard every day with a willingness to adapt to change in the industry and the communities the company serves. We, at Adena, know the importance of respecting the past while planning for the future. We believe that we can provide the right products and services that serve the people who live here now and those who will call Columbus home in the future.

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