Organize Your Home for the New Year

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By: John Buys Houses

With popular shows like “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” making waves in homes worldwide, you’re probably wondering how to get your own home organized for 2019. Organizing can seem like a never-ending burden when you aren’t sure how to go about it. Use our handy tips and you’ll have your home organized in no time!

Start Slow—while it’s tempting to rush through your organization, being tidy takes time to develop and effort to sustain. Pick one room each weekend or a couple of rooms a month and dedicate a few hours to it. 2019 will be a long year, you’ve got plenty of time.

Schedule—It’s not enough to say you’ll organize. Schedule the time into your calendar and stick with it. Is it tempting to go out to brunch on a Sunday morning rather than organize your closet as you said? Of course. Is brunch going to make your life easier and your home more organized? Probably not. Make a schedule and stick to it.

What is “Clutter?”—knowing the difference between “clutter” and the normal tools of everyday life can be challenging. While you may be tempted to throw out or put away anything and everything that isn’t nailed down, some items deserve a place on the counter. Ask yourself if the item is functional or just sitting around.

Importance—the order of rooms you tidy is completely up to you but concentrate on those spaces that are most important. If your DVD collection is neatly out of the way, it probably isn’t worth your organizational time to alphabetize it. Look for areas where clutter is keeping you from properly utilizing the space. Priorities are key when it comes to organizing.

Family & Friends—use family and friends to add to the ease and enjoyment of organizing. Put on a fashion show for a friend and let them help you clean and organize your closet with only the best clothes. Make a game of it with the kids and time them as they run around the room collecting things that don’t belong. Making this task into a social one can greatly increase efficiency and enjoyment.

One Messy Place—it’s okay to leave one messy space in your home. Preferably this isn’t bigger than a drawer or small basket. You can use it as a place to throw things that don’t have an immediate home, but you want to keep out of the way. The only rule? If it’s full, it’s time to deal with it. Pick a day to clear your junk area every so often so you can start again on being messy.

Organizing doesn’t have to be a chore or burden unless you let it. Concentrate on the satisfaction you feel once space is neat and tidy. Hold on to that feeling each time you start organizing and you’ll stick through to the finish. In no time at all, you’ll have a well-organized home and a smile on your face.