First Impressions: Onboarding

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Member Insights by Dan Fronk, CEO – Dancor Solutions

You’ve acquired the talent. Next up: Onboarding the talent—the process of integrating your Associates into your company. It’s the first, and most important, impression for Associates. It’s the first date.

–      20% of employee turnover happens within the first 45 days of employment

–      Turnover can cost as much as 20% of an employee’s annual salary

–      69% of new hires are likely to stay with the company for three years if they have a positive Onboarding experience

The uneasiness your new Associates experience is normal. There are unknowns, nerves, etc. We help you confidently communicate your expectations. Through clear, concise communication and attainable goal-setting, the unknowns are eliminated. Nerves are reduced. Excitement and endless possibilities take over—the point where a connection begins. The first experience should make a great impression.

To help you Onboard your Associates, we evaluate and assess your Onboarding processes. Through our filter, we help you create an effective strategy to create a great first impression.

By helping the Associate understand his/her role in your company and how that role supports company goals, a deeper connection is made between the Associate and your company.

To make an Associate’s first experience memorable, we seek differentiating opportunities. For example, our creative and fulfillment teams create customized welcome kits that we strategically message to align with your company goals—yes, we do that! Receiving customized company gear instantly establishes a connection to the brand, creating a memorable first impression.

Done right, the Onboarding process connects your Associates to your brand and the team. As a result, it confirms their decision to work for you as the right one. This can set the tone for continued relationship building within your company. Positivity spreads, and if each new Associate has a good Onboarding experience, a welcoming culture is built. Moving forward, the culture sets the tone to encourage open dialogue throughout the entire team.

You only get one chance to make a great first impression. Let’s create that together.