The Importance of Renting Early in Your Career

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Member Insights by Schottenstein Real Estate Group

Whether it’s moving to a new cubicle, an office in a new part of town, or a whole other country, it’s important to have flexibility during the early stages of your career. Apartment living can give you that and has numerous benefits beyond it. If you are debating between renting an apartment or buying a home, consider these ways in which an apartment can get you ahead in business.

First, a home is expensive. While a monthly mortgage payment and paying rent may be comparable, a down payment of 20% is a big chunk of change for someone in an entry-level position. Plus, don’t forget you (most likely) have student loans to pay. Taking on the burden of more debt can be overwhelming on a beginner’s salary. Renting gives you a fixed price to expect each month with no hefty upfront obligations.

The hidden costs of homeownership? Maintenance and time. You’re much too much of a go-getter to spend your spare time playing DIY plumber or electrician in your home. Leave the apartment maintenance to our team of professional technicians so you can get back to important activities like updating your LinkedIn profile or taking a business class online.

Apartments are convenient to your office and nightlife activities. Living closer not only gives you a shorter commute, but it also lets you catch that last-minute drink with the VP downtown.

Apartment amenities are built with young business people in mind. Clubhouses and business centers offer free Wi-Fi, coffee, and plenty of networking opportunities. Apartment complexes like Northlake Summit and Powell Grand even have conference rooms available by reservation. The other professionals and entrepreneurs in your complex are sure to be hanging around during scheduled social activities or just relaxing by the pool on a summer’s day. You never know who you’ll meet that could advance your position.

In the debate between renting an apartment and owning a home, it’s important to consider all the ways renting can put you ahead in your career. If you’re looking to climb the corporate ladder, look no further than the nearest SRE Group property. We built each one with the young professional in mind.