5 Spring Maintenance Tips for Businesses

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Member Insights by John Horner, Core Developments 

Spring is a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. Jump-start your office this season with these five spring maintenance tips.

Clutter and Dirt

Spring maintenance just wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t involve cleaning and organizing. Make it a team effort and schedule a time for employees to clean their own desk then assist each other with communal spaces. Is there a dead plant in the corner? Are holiday decorations still haunting the walls? Take care of these small maintenance tasks to produce a clean and less cluttered workspace that will boost productivity.

Building and HVAC Maintenance inspection

There are many aspects of a building that need yearly checkups and tuning. Inspect plumbing for leaks or clogs. Check seals around doorways and windows to ensure heating and cooling efficiency. Clean and change filters on HVAC units. Visit attics and crawlspaces to remove any surprise tenants. Examine the building exterior for signs of foundation, gutter, or roof damage. Make note of what needs fixed and give this list to your facilities manager or make a schedule to get these tasks done yourself. If these inspections or repairs are beyond your comfort zone, don’t hesitate to call in a professional.


It may seem like an unnecessary chore, but rearranging a space or brightening up your surroundings with color or art can increase positivity and performance. Invest in ergonomic workspace solutions (chairs, standing desks, etc.) to support healthy employees. Buy a new plant or artwork to add freshness and color to the office. Ask your staff for suggestions on positive changes that can be made.

Build Efficiency

You’ve done a great job cleaning and rearranging, but now you find yourself with a pile of unused letter trays, stray power cords, and mismatched file folders. Where could you repurpose these items? Ask yourself if your office has the right organizational tools and filing systems in place to keep business running smoothly. You may find efficiency increase with something as simple as moving the copier or adding an office chat app to encourage communication. Doing maintenance on your office procedures and systems can ensure smooth sailing for the year to come.

Dust Off the Business Plan

Cleaning a physical office is easy, but most businesses will stop there. Get a leg up on the competition by refreshing yourself and your team on the business plan. Review the company mission statement, formulate new goals, and remind yourself what it is that makes you and your employees want to work hard for the success of this company. Arrange team-building activities for staff members and invest in professional training and development. Cleaning the cobwebs from your motivation and inspiration is just as important as from the corners of your office.