Why Visiting A Chiropractor Helps Reduce Stress

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The Statistics

Did you know, over the course of an average lifetime, people spend roughly 12 straight years working? Overall, people spend about 1/3rd of our lifetime working to obtain an income, to support families, to fulfill professional goals and to build networks. All of that comes with high stress situations. And that’s just work. People also feel stress over tensed relationships, health concerns, family matters and media overload.

It Is Natural, But Shouldn’t Be Forever

While stress is a natural and physical reaction to everyday situations, continuous and strenuous situations will have a drastic effect on a person’s health. Stress hormones trigger people’s ‘fight or flight’ responses that are designed to protect their bodies in emergency situations; however, if repeated stressful situations trigger these hormones, day after day, a person can put themselves at serious health risks such as heart disease, heart attacks, body aches and high blood pressure.

Why Visiting A Chiropractor Helps

Stress causes a person’s muscles to tense and contract which can lead to uneven pressure on the skeleton, specifically the spine. First and foremost, by properly aligning the spine, chiropractic releases tension from the spine and body. Once tension is released, ‘fight or flight’ hormones retreat and the body can fully relax.

Furthermore, poor spinal alignment disallows the central nervous system from properly communicating and sending messages to the rest of the body. Chiropractic clears the blockage, allows the body to communicate clearly, increases system efficiency, and ultimately reduces stress.

Chiropractic adjustments release muscle tension, soothe irritated spinal nerves, improve blood circulation, and are just one way to temporarily reduce stress. Scheduling regular chiropractic adjustments will not only reduce stress but keep it under control and lead to living a healthier, happier life.