What Can Your Windows Tell Customers About Your Business

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Depending on the objectives of your business and your location, a window display may be the very first thing your customers see upon entering. What do your windows tell customers about your business? You may think they don’t say anything but in reality, small details, like your windows, have the ability to set the tone and mood for your business and may affect all future transactions.

Hello! Welcome! Come On In!

If your business faces the street or is in a pedestrianized area, capitalize on window shopping. Window displays, if displayed properly, intrigue your target audience and can be a customer magnet. Showcase the products your customers have to have and make people want to come in and make purchases. Don’t sell products? Make sure your signage conveys a relevant and compelling message to your target audience.

“Dirty Windows, Dirty Business”

Dirty windows are far more noticeable than clean ones. Taking the time to clean your windows, and clean them regularly, shows your customers that you pay attention to even the smallest of details and that you are invested in the preservation of your business – from the inside out.

“Ohhh and Ahhh”

Wow your customers with modern window treatments and displays. As a business owner, you want to make an impact, a positive one, and stand out among your competitors. Updated furniture and accessories, brightly colored walls, even chic window treatments show your customers that you live on the cutting edge. Redecorating your entire office may not be in your budget, but small and inexpensive changes can be. These changes tell your customers that you are willing to be bold, try new things and that you will revamp things when the time is necessary.

“I Really Like this Place”

Did you know, poor lighting has a serious impact on employee productivity, health and satisfaction? Window treatments that allow natural light to illuminate the business increase employee satisfaction. And happy employees means happy customers. When your employees are productive and truly happy in their line of work, they are more opt to provide better customer service. Additionally, your windows and decor ultimately set the tone and mood for all those that enter. Do your window treatments create a warm and welcoming space? Or do outdated and dark spaces discourage customers from wanting to conduct business? Installing the perfect blinds, windows and window treatments for your business will shape the perfect environment for your employees, your guests, and your clients.