Tips for Spring Cleaning your Home Office

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A clutter-free workspace can focus your mind, increase productivity, and inspire a can-do attitude, but with such a busy season ahead, spring cleaning your home office can turn into a low priority. Don’t fret! This easy 10 step guide will have your home office organized and sparkling clean in no time.

1) Remove Anything that Doesn’t Belong

No one wants to do more work than they have to and the same goes for spring cleaning. Take a quick turn around the room and pick up anything that clearly doesn’t belong. Return these items to their proper homes outside your office.

2) Clear a Space

The next few steps will require a space to help us organize. A dining room table or living room floor will work, but be sure to clear away any furniture or other items. For extra motivation, use your bed as the staging area, then there’s no way to go to sleep without finishing your task.

3)  Clear Off the Desk

That’s right, anything that’s not plugged in should be gathered and piled in the space you cleared in step two. Don’t get too wild just yet and start sorting through it. We’ll get to that step soon. For now, just collect every loose object into a single place.

4) Empty Drawers

It’s amazing what can be shoved hurriedly into the back of a desk drawer only to be forgotten or “lost” later. Take all the desk drawers out to your staging space and dump their contents into the heap.

5) Pick Up Any Other Messes

Pull out any other piles that seem disorganized or out of place. Are there ink cartridges tossed carelessly behind the printer? Do you see piles of books, papers, or trinkets that don’t seem to have a home where they are? Take all of this out to your pile.

6) Divide and Conquer

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for—time to start sorting. As quickly as possible, divide items into relevant piles. All paper in one pile, books in another, office supplies in another and so on. Choose broad groupings to start. Once the entire mountain is divided, go back to each pile and divide again into more specific categories.

7) Decision Time

Now is the time to determine what to do with the individual items in each pile. Should that item be tossed in the trash? Kept handy for regular use? Put into storage or filed away? If it’s trash, discard it immediately. Keep the rest at your staging space until completing the next few steps.

8) Change it Up

If it’s time for a new office feng shui, go ahead and get that done now. Move furniture, add a colorful rug for brightness, or choose some new artwork for the walls. A fresh perspective could be all you need this spring to boost your business.

9) Scrub-a-Dub-Dub

You can’t call it spring cleaning without actually cleaning something. Work from the top down; dust fan blades and bookshelves, wipe down surfaces and inside drawers, and vacuum or sweep at the very end. Be diligent and get underneath furniture and well into every nook and cranny.

10) Finishing Touches

You’ve done a great job sorting your piles and an equally fantastic job cleaning, now’s the time to bring these two back together to complete the task. If you find yourself lacking a handy drawer divider or storage solution for your newly organized office, go out and invest in it. The easier your system is, the less cleaning things will take next year.

Congrats! Now you can kick back and enjoy your newly cleaned and organized office.