Member Spotlight: Central Ohio Chapter of the Association of the United States Army

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Member Spotlight by Ralph Veppert, Retired Command Sergeant Major & President of the Central Ohio Chapter of the Association of the United States Army 

Provide us with a brief summary of your business’ services.

Our motto is “Voice for the Army, Support for the Soldier.”  We are a national organization dedicated to supporting all things Army, including currently serving Soldiers, veterans, families, industry partners, and anyone that supports a strong national defense. We are the only professional association for the entire Army.

Why should you support AUSA? 

This is a photo of a Soldier from the 173rd Airborne Brigade taken shortly after jumping into northern Iraq near Mosul at the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom. This solder is carrying approx.. 110 lbs. (!) of equipment, and the look of exhaustion is clearly written on his face. We believe there’s actually 2 other Soldiers behind him, but they’re mostly covered because of all this Solider’s equipment. He and his fellow Soldiers are why your support of AUSA is so important!

Whether you are interested in membership, making a donation, or want to participate in an AUSA event there are a number of reasons why you should lend your support to AUSA.  

– We are the only professional association advocating for the entire Army. Membership helps you keep current on issues that affect you in work and home and to network with other Soldiers, retirees, veterans and the defense industry.

– We are an international organization with 122 chapters located worldwide. We’ve donated over $5 million via local chapters in support of individual and unit needs. 

Tell us about your company’s mission and values.

The Association of the United States Army is a nonprofit educational and professional development association serving America’s Total Army.  We work to educate, inform and connect our members, communities, industry, and Congress about the issues affecting America’s Army and the Soldiers who serve in the Regular Army, Army National Guard, and Army Reserve.

What services do we provide?

In addition to those mentioned above, we can provide speakers telling the Army story at your next meeting or event. 

What are the services you use the most (or are looking forward to using) from the Columbus Chamber?

We’re using the visibility resources the Chamber provides, such as this Member Spotlight, to getting our name and mission out in front of the business community, as well as connecting with businesses that already support America’s Army.

How do you stay engaged with trends that you see in your industry?

The Central Ohio Chapter of AUSA provided cake, ice cream and water for the 100 or so Soldiers and Airmen of the Ohio National Guard at the Beightler Armory during the celebration of the Army’s 242nd birthday and the 37th Infantry Brigade Combat Team’s 100th anniversary.

ARMY magazine.

The premier monthly magazine covering the U.S. Army, focused each month on professional development, education strategy, doctrine and other current and historical topics.

AUSA News.  A monthly electronic publication of the latest news concerning the U.S. Army and national security, from the halls of Congress to the Soldiers in the field. 

Institute of Land Warfare (ILW) publications.

ILW, through events and publication, informs and educating its members on the critical nature of land forces and the importance of the United States Army.

What is your company culture like?

 Ours is a collaborative non-political culture.  AUSA is open to everyone, whether you have a relationship with the US Army, or would simply like to offer your support to our Soldiers.

What does it take to be a successful employee at your company? 

We’re all volunteers, no paid staff at the chapter level, that work to support our Army.  

What makes Columbus such a great place to do business?

 The Columbus metropolitan area is an area of partnership and teamwork.  With a diverse and engaged population, it is a leader in research and development, a transportation nexus, a cultural hub, and has a long history of support for our military. 

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