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A message from your Bartlett Arborist Representative, Eric Brownlee 


With spring nearly here, now is the time to address tree health issues that are commonplace this time of year. Some issues I am already beginning to see include:

  • Browning of needles on evergreens (as well as discoloration and wilting on deciduous trees as leaves emerge)
  • Damage to twigs and branches
  • Cracks or splits in the bark
  • Structural instability resulting from root damage
  • Deer browsing on many plant types as these animals search for any food they can find
  • Deicing salt damage on trees near pavement and walkways

I am recommending a spring inspection for all my clients so that issues can be identified and treated before serious damage occurs. Please call me at 614-239-7558 or contact me online for a consultation.

After winter, many plants are under stress and prone to insect and disease infestations. Now is the time to act for healthy, spring trees. Call me at 614-239-7558 or email