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How grand format 3D printing will enhance the in-store experience


Gahanna, OH, March 20, 2018— As a result of the current eCommerce boom, many retail companies that rely on in-store foot traffic fear a decline in sales. From January to May 2017, retail employment decreased by 80,000 (Source: Franklin County Retail Report 2017). In response, these companies are searching for solutions.

Fortunately, new technologies are emerging, creating opportunities for retailers to significantly improve the in-store experience. In doing so, customers are drawn back into the physical experience of shopping in stores through visually stimulating product and promotional displays.

EclipseCorp’s grand format 3D printer is one such technology – giving retailers the ability to quickly manufacture almost any structure that could fit in or on a store. With a little creativity, any storefront can now be transformed into visually appealing 3D art to attract shoppers. From giant shoes to life-size animals, grand format 3D printing offers endless possibilities for retail and design promotions.

Companies around the world are adapting to the rising standards for retail by employing creative 3D printed stores and storefronts. In New York, Macy’s featured a 3D-printed Flamingo in its front store display.  In Australia, an entire pop-up store was 3D printed for Louis Vuitton in just two weeks.

By enhancing the retail experience through grand format 3D printed storefronts, EclipseCorp now offers a unique ability for our clients both locally and nationwide to gain a competitive edge.

EclipseCorp is a creative services company. Our purpose is to ignite brands through images. With divisions specializing in design, photography, video, retouching, pre-press, grand format printing, we are here to take our clients’ brands to the next level.

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