5 Ways to Revamp your Home Office for 2018

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If you’ve been thinking about redoing your home office but haven’t gotten around to it yet, 2018 is the time to do it. Whether you’re thinking about redoing the interior design or its structure as a whole, see to it that revamping your home office is a New Year’s resolution you’ll actually follow through with. If you don’t have a home office but have always dreamed of one, consider this as your sign to consult a custom home builder to draw up some plans. Regardless of your situation, we’ve compiled a list of on-trend ways to make sure that your home office is simultaneously stylish and conducive for productivity, just in time for 2018.

Get organized

It is common knowledge that people tend to work better in an organized, tidy environment, than a scattered and dirty one. Take this fact to heart and dedicate yourself to organizing your home office. Invest in some file cabinets to declutter your desk, and consider installing some shelves to utilize vertical space. Organization also applies to technology; spend some time cleaning up your computer files by cleaning up your desktop and delete files you no longer need. After some necessary organization, your office will feel brand new.

Personalize your space

Take some time out of the new year to bring a personal touch to your home office. Decorate your space with your favorite colors and textures. Paint an accent wall your favorite color, or incorporate different colors and patterns into decorate pillows or blankets. The new year is also a good time to change up, or add, wall decorations. Open up your home office by incorporating mirrors to make the space seem bigger. Try hanging up a favorite print or painting to add a pop of color to the walls.

Bring the “home” to the home office

While you might not want to make your office too cozy in order to maintain productivity, it’s not a bad idea to incorporate some homey pieces in order to make your home office more comfortable. Add in a soft, cozy blanket and try displaying pictures of loved ones on your desk. Indulge in aromatherapy with candles or an essential oil diffuser. Incorporate plants to help improve the air quality in your space.

Let there be light

An important part of any home office revamp is making sure that there is adequate lighting. If you’ve found yourself wishing that your office was better lit, maybe this is the time to invest in some new lamps, or perhaps some new windows. Adequate lighting will not only help your productivity, but will liven up your office as well.

Keep posture in mind

Last but most certainly not least, make sure your office chair is conducive to comfort. To avoid future problems, try purchasing an office chair that promotes correct posture, to help avoid any future health or back problems.