How Good Blinds Can Save Your Business Money on the Energy Bill

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Monthly bills are one of the hardest parts of being a business-owner. Though they all vary in price, one bill that tends to run high is the energy bill. You may notice that you have the highest energy bills during summer and winter months, as this is when you are more drastically using your air conditioning or heating systems.

Windows are found in all buildings, and unbeknownst to most, play a large factor in energy bill prices. In fact, bare windows or windows with poor blinds account for up to 25% of energy bills. An easy way to save extra money on this bill each month is to invest in quality window treatments for your business. Check out these reasons why good blinds are a good choice for saving your business money this year:


During the cold winter months, you may feel as though it’s been forever since you last felt the warm sun on your skin. You may want to leave your blinds wide open every day so that you can soak up every ray of the sun that peeks through and bring a little added warmth to your business; however, this doing so is not always a good idea.

Keeping your blinds shut during the winter acts as insulation between the bitter cold outside and the heat you are generating inside. When you shut your blinds, it also prevents heat from escaping through window cracks, meaning you lose less energy. It is especially important to keep blinds shut at night, because that is when homes tend to lose the most energy.

Some days, though, it is good to leave the blinds open during the winter. On especially sunny winter days, leaving the blinds open brings natural heat into your home, and allows you to use your heater a little less. Rooms with tile floors that conduct heat are especially good for this purpose.


Sunny summer days are amazing, especially after a bitter-cold winter. But opening up your windows is not the best idea for when temperatures start skyrocketing.

When it’s extremely hot outside, your air conditioning works overtime to keep your building cool. Keeping your blinds shut prevents the sun from competing with the air conditioning, which allows your building to cool down quicker, and stay cool. You may notice that keeping your blinds shut while you’re running the air conditioning means that you’ll have to run it less frequently, thus lowering your energy bills.

Even still, heat will remain trapped inside of your building. In order to combat this, it’s a good idea to open your blinds during the night when it’s cooler outside. This will allow heat to escape your building, and cool it down when the temperatures outside are less severe. Doing so will mean that your air conditioner doesn’t have to run as strong during the night.

While bills are inevitable, and energy will always cost your business money, investing in good blinds is an easy way to avoid throwing money out the window during peak seasons. While it may seem counter-intuitive to spend money on expensive blinds, doing so could really save you money in the long run if you follow these simple tips!