Simplified Living for the Busy Business Professional

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You’re a busy professional. You send late-night emails, you make yourself available around the clock, you take endless phone calls, you are dedicated to the work you’ve built your success on. Whether you are further developing your career, at the peak of your profession or sacrificing to provide for your family, you have paved the way for your success; however your professional routines shouldn’t keep you from happiness and a balanced work-life. Simplified Living recognizes the busy professional and instead of asking you to slow down and take time for yourself, Simplified Living offers a peace of mind and takes care of simple tasks for you. Here are 4 benefits to Simplified Living for the busy business professional.

More Time

Simplified Living is just that. Simple. Simplified Living takes care of lawn maintenance & other chores and frees up your schedule so that in your free time – if and when you even have free time – you are able to focus on the things you actually look forward to doing. Replace spending time on lawn maintenance with hobbies, family gatherings, light reading or dinner reservations – the time is yours.


Making yourself available on demand in your profession pays a hefty price on the time you’ve reserved for your family, friends or even yourself. For the busy professional, vacations are often rare so when the time comes to take one, don’t worry yourself about the tasks at home you were unable to attend to. Simplified Living tends to your lawn, garden, even snow-covered driveways even when you’re out of town. You can “lock and leave” knowing that your home is safe and taken care of. Finally, a true stress-free vacation. Enjoy it.

Remote Communities

 When considering a new home and neighborhood, location is key. As a busy professional, your work commute should be short so that you have more time to dedicate to your tasks at hand. While your commute may improve work efficiency, you don’t have to sacrifice ideal neighborhoods to get it. With Simplified Living, you can have both – an easy work commute and a dream neighborhood. Simplified Living builds communities in major metropolitan areas that still have that neighborhood/family feel.

Avoid Medical Expenses

Upkeeping your home’s appearance may become more strenuous with age. Avoid pulling muscles, throwing out your back or other ailments when landscaping, or shoveling snow by allowing Simplified Living to take care of these things for you. One trip to a medical facility or urgent care will not only cost you financially, but professionally as well. As a busy professional, you simply can’t afford to take time away from work over injuries that could have been easily avoided.

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