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She Has A Name Cleaning Services is a cleaning company with a cause, addressing and spreading awareness around the issues of human trafficking, domestic violence, and substance abuse. Managing Director Kelsie Johnson shares more about SHAN’s story.

Tell us about your company’s mission and values.
She Has A Name Cleaning Services is a social enterprise that was incubated out of CleanTurn Enterprises here in Columbus back in May of 2015. We exist to break the cycle of unemployment, to spread and increase awareness around the issues of human trafficking and engage the community to changing perceptions.

Our vision is to see survivors of human trafficking overcome employment barriers and have a renewed sense of dignified work as they gain self-sufficiency and responsibility in the workplace.  We hope to continue building partnerships with individuals and business who care–providing high-quality, detailed cleaning for our customers and giving them the opportunity to invest in these amazing ladies through their cleaning choice.

What are the services you use the most (or are looking forward to using) from the Columbus Chamber?
We love the easy access of all the events happening in the community!

How do you stay engaged with trends that you see in your industry?
We stay connected and partner with local non-profits and organizations fighting human trafficking.

What do you think differentiates you from your competitors?
Our mission by a mile! We value quality, detailed cleaning and excellent customer service; we are first a cleaning company. However, what most differentiates us is how we use business to address and spread awareness around the issues of human trafficking. Our customers can feel good about their cleaning choice because they are playing a key role in fighting social issues in our city simply by choosing us to clean their office, home, studio, or church. Our cleaning staff take great pride in the work that they do, and do not take it lightly that people are giving them a second chance. As a result, our customers receive excellent cleaning, while also joining in the mission to employ and empower survivors of trafficking. We are a cleaning company with a cause, captured by our tagline: ‘Cleaning for a Cause. Cleaning with Care.’

What is your company culture like?
The culture at She Has A Name Cleaning Services is community-oriented. We are a family that encourages one another, challenges one another, as well as holds each other accountable.

What advice would you have appreciated hearing when first starting your career?
There is always work to do and get done.

How do you achieve work/life balance?
For me, it is a matter of excellence. Can I walk away today knowing I did the very best I can? If the answer is, ‘yes’, then I am more focused, present and able to enjoy life and work!

What business leader do you admire the most and why?
I admire the leadership of our current Governor, John Kasich. The manner in which he addresses issues and provides a solution, his approach and intentionality with people and finally, his passion for what he does day in and day out.

Where is your favorite place to have a meeting outside of the office?
It’s a tie between Bottoms Up Coffee Co-Op or Roosevelt Coffee House. Both have a social mission and have great coffee!!

Why do you think Columbus is a great place to do business?
Columbus is an incredible environment for social enterprise.  We love this community, the entrepreneurial spirit, and the way people have embraced our mission.  Columbus has made great strides to fight trafficking in the past 10 years and there is strong collaboration between government, law enforcement, non-profits, and individuals to work toward restoration of those affected.

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