Member Spotlight: Lyuda Dehlendorf, Realtor with Howard Hanna Real Estate Services

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Guest blog by Lyuda Dehlendorf, Realtor, Howard Hanna Realty


Lyuda Dehlendorf

What motivates you to jump out of bed in the morning?
Honestly, I do not need to be motivated to jump out of bed in the morning because I am, by nature, already excited about each new day and the job that I do which always brings me into contact with interesting people and provides me with exciting new opportunities and experiences. Also, I enjoy helping my son prepare for school each morning during the school year as well as spending time with him during the summer doing a variety of activities.

Tell us about your company culture.
Howard Hanna Real Estate Services is a highly successful, family-owned and operated business that is built on a tradition of excellence and that is guided by a spirit of integrity in all aspects of the real estate process. In today’s marketplace, the home buying and selling experiences require extraordinary expertise and Howard Hanna has the ability to anticipate client needs and provide superior customer service. As agents for Howard Hanna, we strive every day, in every transaction, to reflect our pride in our company, ourselves and each other, and in the people and communities that we serve. Through our knowledge, integrity and innovation, we are able to participate in our customers’ realization of the American Dream. We have over 6,200 of the most skilled sales associates, staff and management professionals in the industry. Howard Hanna offers a truly unique real estate experience from the convenience of over 200 neighborhood offices across eight states. With comprehensive real estate services, mortgage services, title services, and insurance services, we can walk you through your entire home buying or selling experience.

What are three things you use every day in your job? Items only, no descriptions are necessary.
I find these three things to be indispensable every day in my job: (i) my Smartphone; (ii) my tablet computer and/or laptop computer; and (iii) my automobile, which takes me from place to place.

What trends/insights are you finding in your field/market? Please give specific examples if possible.


Regarding trends in the residential real estate market, the number of distressed properties has declined significantly in recent years, indicating a market recovery from the recession of 2008-2009. Currently, lack of inventory is a problem and with prices having rebounded, affordability has become an additional concern. Millennials have become an important segment of first time home buyers, with single women having high credit scores being heavily represented. With regard to millennials, the regular use of social media and mobile technology has become extremely important because these individuals expect results quickly and wish to transact using the most current technology trends, devices, and software tools. The use of tablet computers for creating offers and other documents in real-time has become extremely important. Responsiveness is key.

What advice do you have to give to emerging talent in your field? Please give specific examples if possible.
Be very familiar with your market and be certain to have done all the necessary research prior to your first meeting with a potential client. In the age of the Internet and the wide availability of public on-line databases, clients have access to all of the information to which you as a realtor have access. Be as absolutely prepared as possible when meeting with a client at any stage during a transaction. You never want to be in a situation where a client is better informed than you.

What benefit(s) attracted you to the Columbus Chamber?
I believe the Columbus Chamber has a great many unique resources that I can use to grow my business generally, expand my personal and professional network, and build and grow my   professional brand. I am looking forward to utilizing the Chamber’s resources to accomplish these goals, and I am excited about attending the many interesting and valuable Chamber events held throughout the year.

What business challenges keep you up at night? Please give specific examples if possible.
hod-6Certain variables that I cannot control in a real estate transaction can keep me up at night. The conduct of appraisers and lenders can be somewhat unpredictable and the outcome of the title search and/or the property inspection sometimes includes unwanted surprises. These factors are not necessarily in my control; however, they are all critical to the success of any deal, large or small. Fortunately, I have assembled a team of service providers with whom I have worked and that I have come to know and trust. As a former colleague once advised me, I am the “captain of the ship”, and by being the captain of the ship, I am able to navigate my clients through the sometimes difficult waters of any real estate transaction. I am organized and insightful and I can rally the troops if and when necessary.

Tell us about organizations/charities that you are passionate about.
I am passionate about supporting a variety of local charities and organizations, such as Children’s Hospital and other health-oriented businesses. I am also very much an animal lover and whenever possible, I support organizations that are committed to animal health and welfare. Animals are wonderful creatures and we should all do our part to care for them.

If you could choose any song to represent your company, what song would it be?
I can’t speak for my company as a whole, but I can speak for myself with regard to a song or piece of music that represents me. I was born in Russia and while I was growing up there, I was exposed to great composers such as Rachmaninoff and Tchaikovsky. In particular, I found the Russian Dance from Tchaikovsky’s, “The Nutcracker” to be especially appealing. I think the upbeat and positive character of this piece of music represents the optimistic and passionate way that I approach my work as a realtor.

What Columbus business person do you most admire? Feel free to explain why.
MBG LOGO_PathsDave Thomas, the founder of Wendy’s. In addition to being a highly effective and creative         businessman, Dave Thomas was also an important philanthropist. In particular, I respect that he founded The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, which is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to finding adoptive homes for children waiting in North America’s foster care system. The Foundation works to provide grants to national and regional adoption organizations for programs that raise awareness and make adoption easier and more affordable.

When you are not working, where in Columbus do you like to spend your time?
I enjoy working out and taking various classes at my local health club, and I really like taking long walks around my neighborhood with my dog Reggie, while listening to my favorite music.

About Howard Hannah Real Estate Services
Established in 1957 by Howard and Anne Freyvogel Hanna, with a single office in Pittsburgh, the family-owned Howard Hanna Real Estate Services is now the 3rd largest real estate company in the country.* Founded as the Howard Hanna Company, the family business was an integral part of growing up in the Hanna household. Today, Howard and Anne’s three children, Hoddy, Helen and Annie, and the third generation, Annie Hanna Engel, Hoby Hanna, Kelly Hanna Riley, Duffy Hanna and Dennis Cestra, Jr. carry on the family tradition throughout the company. Through the years, we have grown to be the top real estate company in the markets we serve. And with that success we also continue to be mindful of our purpose. It is to this simple philosophy, and to the exceptional people with whom we work, that we owe our past, present and future success.