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jgm-thumbTell us about your company’s mission and values.
Jump Goat Media’s mission is simple: We are a people focused, community driven video company, and our fundamental belief that doing the right thing first allows us to live out that mission on a daily basis. Over the past 3 years, we’ve been able to grow in two incredible communities (Nashville TN, and Columbus, OH) and we are excited to create and capture stories as we continue on our growth trajectory in 2017 and beyond.

What are the services you use the most (or are looking forward to using) from the Columbus Chamber?
The Chamber has truly acted as a partner in helping Jump Goat grow our list of partners here in Columbus, providing us valuable connections that have turned into new business, mentorships, and friendships. As we look at the books for 2016 our most profitable relationship stems directly from connections we made by working with the Chamber. Additionally, Jump Goat Media benefits as a company through the countless opportunities offered by the Chamber of Commerce to give back to the Columbus business community. Whether that is going to ribbon cutting ceremonies, serving on the Member Engagement Committee, or attending Chamber Orientation events, there are countless ways to support businesses in the community through the Chamber.

How do you stay engaged with trends that you see in your industry?
That is a tough question. It is easy in our industry to get caught up in the latest trends and technologies. There is always a new camera or new software that is considered “cutting edge”. When I think about “trends”, my mind immediately goes to the volume of drone footage we are seeing right now. To be clear, I am not saying we are anti-drone, we just need to make sure that whatever new techniques or technology we are leveraging is being used because it adds value to our clients, not simply because it is cool! The essence of what we do for our clients is to tell their story in an engaging way. This is timeless. When you uncover what truly makes a business unique, capture it, and deliver it to its designated audience, all of the KPI’s and metrics that clients are tracking and benchmarking against naturally take care of themselves.

What do you think differentiates you from your competitors?
Consistency. From our team interactions to client projects, we keep ourselves people focused all the way through. It’s what allows us to capture great stories and understand the core of what we do. We’re constantly and consistently taking the time to know ourselves and know our partners, and that is something that we think makes us unique.

What is your company culture like?
When I tell people what working with Jump Goat is like, I say “It’s similar to the feeling you have coming home from work to your family. No matter what is going on in other parts of your life you know you have a positive place to unwind.” The same is true when I go to the office. I know I will be working on awesome projects helping people and businesses grow! It is an energizing, life giving environment.

What advice would you have appreciated hearing when first starting your career?
Don’t be out coached, don’t be out worked, and never stop asking questions. The most successful people I know never do two things; talk about how much work they do, or leave their shopping cart in the middle of the parking lot!

How do you achieve work/life balance?
I love what I do, so it’s not uncommon for me to jam out on some work late night after my girls go to bed. But I achieve balance by taking time for myself each morning. Even though it is usually no more than a few minutes, it allows me to get the “me-time” in that I need. This enables me to truly connect with the people I interact with throughout my day, as well as balance my perspective.

What business leader do you admire the most and why?
It changes depending on the challenges I am facing at that time. He might not be a business leader in the true sense of the word, but to me Urban Meyer is a great leader. Currently I am reading his book, A Cut Above. It is driving home the point that to create a culture of excellence you can’t take days off. Just like Ohio State Football, Jump Goat Media strives to deliver results that exceed expectations. Giving it all we have is the only way we know how to give it!

Where is your favorite place to have a meeting outside of the office?
I know I am not alone here: I am a Stauf’s addict, the Grandview location to be specific. I work there for 1-3 hours per day, no kidding. Big shout out to my friends at Stauf’s! Not only a great place to crank out some work but my daughter loves it as well. At 9 months old, she gets what she wants! Right now that means a lot of mornings at Stauf’s!

Why do you think Columbus is a great place to do business?
Columbus is a great city because of the people. There is no other place where you can pick up the phone and connect with someone on a real level. I found that as long as I am genuine in my desire to add value to other businesses, anyone I want to talk to has the time for me. Our involvement with the Chamber allows us to give some of that time back.

About Jump Goat Media
Jump Goat Media’s mission is simple: We are a people focused, community driven video company, and our fundamental belief that doing the right thing first allows us to live out that mission on a daily basis.

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