Columbus Chamber of Commerce Announces Endorsement of Issue 60 

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Columbus Chamber of CommerceFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Oct. 21, 2016

Contact: Courtney West

Columbus, OH – The Columbus Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce an endorsement of Issue 60 on the Nov. 8 ballot.

Issue 60 aims to renew a 0.25 percent sales tax increase for another ten years on behalf of the Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA). The original 2006 ballot measure expanded service to the community by increasing routes and operations by 80 percent, extending hours and modernizing fleet vehicles.

The renewal levy will maintain this progress and connect more people to jobs throughout the community.

“COTA is a key partner of the business community that bolsters our region’s economic development by providing access to thousands of jobs and a higher quality of life. We strongly support passage of Issue 60 so that COTA can continue its good work,” said Don DePerro, President and CEO, Columbus Chamber of Commerce.

The renewal of this levy will help maximize efforts to increase the number of workers who are able to take advantage of public transportation programs, such as the New Albany SmartRide partnership that connects workers to 15,000 jobs in the New Albany International Business Park and the Groveport Rickenbacker Employee Access Transportation partnership that connects riders to 20,000 jobs in the Rickenbacker area.

Even more, the approval of Issue 60 will allow the continued support of the CBUS service that connects people with jobs, residential areas and cultural districts in downtown Columbus, as well as the CMAX Bus Rapid Transit that will serve a 15.6 mile stretch from downtown to Polaris/Africa Road beginning in 2018.

COTA deserves the renewal of Issue 60 to ensure our transit network can continue to effectively keep up with the economic development of our region, as well as provide riders with safe and efficient access to work through sustainable alternative transportation options.

The Chamber recognizes that COTA has used the public resources entrusted to them to appropriately and responsibly provide public transportation in ways that help our shared community achieve its goals.

The Columbus Chamber of Commerce urges our members and voters to approve Issue 60 on Nov. 8.


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