What Matters Most to You?

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Guest blog by Dilara Casey. 

A few weeks ago, a sea of pink descended on Central Ohio. The Thirty-One Gifts annual convention was held in the Arena District here in town and I was fortunate enough to be a guest.thirtyone gifts convention

While a portion of the conference was focused on new products and sales goals, a big chunk of the 4-day event was focused on professional growth, goal-setting, and personal development. It was all wrapped up around the theme “What Matters Most.” CEO and Founder Cindy Monroe made the point, “There is never enough time to do everything, but there is always enough time to do what matters most,” and I learned how absolutely true this is.

Accept that “Work/Life Balance” isn’t a real thing.

It all boils down to choices and those choices are based on priorities.  If you choose to do something, do it wholly and commit yourself to it. Prioritize it. Move it to the top of your list.

Surround yourself with like-minded people.

If you spend your time with a group that feeds your goals and encourages you, success will come naturally. You’ll receive support in ways you never imagined. You’ll thrive and flourish from the energy they provide. You will be feeding into a culture that understands and encourages your own goals. There is intense value in that.

Go easy on yourself.

Instead of setting insane goals based on what everybody else is doing, set goals for yourself based on what you aim to achieve. If you set goals based on what your peers are doing, you are actually working toward their goals and not your own. Set goals that fulfill your needs and make those your focus.

After the event, I embarked on an exercise to find out what matters most to me. First, I brainstormed a list that was about 20 items long that consisted of what mattered to me. I then put each item on its own Post-It note and tacked the notes on my bedroom wall. Each night before bed, I challenged myself to remove one Post-It note to help me get to the core of what matters to me. I repeated this exercise until I was left with three core items. Now, when I make daily decisions I ask myself “Do these ladder back to what matters most to me?” and I can honestly say it has added a level of clarity to my life that I have long craved. Have you thought about what matters most?

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Dilara Casey is a Central Ohio-based marketer with over 15 years of experience. She loves everything Columbus. When she’s not integrating her next marketing strategy you can find her playing at the park with her two children, checking out a new restaurant with her husband, or binge-listening to podcasts.