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GerberTag_RGB_FINGerber, LLC gives first generation entrepreneurs the clarity and guidance to help integrate and achieve their life, business and wealth goals.

CEO Randall T. Gerber answers our member spotlight questions below.

What motivates you to jump out of bed in the morning?

I’m always excited to see what the day can bring – in all aspects of my life. Whether it’s a planned client meeting or unanticipated family event, I’m always excited to see where the day will take me.

Tell us about your company culture.

Eventful. Cheerful. Fun. Proactive. Innovative. Nonstop.

It’s hard to sum up our culture in a word, but those are a few that jointly come close.

Between working with (or should I say keeping up with) our entrepreneurial clients, our killer workspace (think industrial, vaulted ceilings and open workstations), and our tight-knit team of thirteen, there’s always an element of innovation and excitement in our space.

Our team is one of our most valuable assets, and we pride ourselves in going above and beyond in creating a best place to work. Throwing a wrench in the typical, our team enjoys a casual but classy dress code and thrives on the creativity and collaboration that comes from our open, cubical-free, workspace. And we always try to add a component of fun into the mix – whether it’s a spontaneous beer and pretzel happy hour to end a stressful week on a good note, or heading to a secluded cabin for an annual retreat to discuss year-end business and crown ‘Best Dance Move’ among employees.

PhotoWhat are three things you use every day in your job? Items only, no descriptions are necessary.

iPad, phone, brain.

What trends/insights are you finding in your field/market? Please give specific examples if possible.

The financial services industry is ever-changing with the latest technology and the needs of our communities. One problem we’re currently struggling with is the amount of information out there. In general, information is good to make better decisions. The problem today is there are so many sources that are self-serving; they may not always be in the recipient’s best interest. There’s a lot of information that creates confusion and uncertainty, and sometimes people are simply searching for information they want to hear, which may not be what they need to hear.

For example, if I wanted to find a source that says eating a pizza every day is healthy, I’m sure I could. – Simply to justify myself eating a pizza every day. But the reality is, for the bulk of it, it’s not healthy.

What advice do you have to give to emerging talent in your field? Please give specific examples if possible.

Develop a niche.

Serving those you can relate to and understand the most makes your relationship that much more meaningful and beneficial – for both sides.

Gerber TeamWhat benefit(s) attracted you to the Columbus Chamber?

The Chamber is a pro-business organization, and we’re focusing on first generation entrepreneurs specifically. Our interests and the Chamber’s interests are very much aligned because we’re both helping entrepreneurs and developing businesses in central Ohio.

What business challenges keep you up at night? Please give specific examples if possible.

People issues. My issues almost always revolve around people – misunderstanding, miscommunications, or missed information. I don’t stay up at night over things I can control. What does keep me awake is someone (a team member, client, partner, what have you) being upset because of a misunderstanding or miscommunication.

Tell us about organizations/charities that you are passionate about.

The desire to give back is deeply engrained in our company culture – found in both company-wide volunteer efforts and individual philanthropic passions. One of our largest philanthropic commitments lies in The Childhood League. The Childhood League’s efforts prove that with the right guidance and resources, everyone has the ability to thrive, succeed, and prosper. – And at Gerber, we couldn’t agree more. Which is why we’re so proud to support such an incredible organization.

Additionally we support a handful of other local organization including CCAD, Mercator Club of Columbus, Mid-Ohio Foodbank, Art of Recovery, and more.

GER_IMG_0208If you could choose any song to represent your company, what song would it be?

Don’t stop believin’ by Journey

What Columbus business person do you most admire? Feel free to explain why.

I most admire the Columbus entrepreneur. – Not one, but all. We’re focused on the market of first generation entrepreneurs because there are so many phenomenal business owners in the Columbus area that are pushing the envelope in terms of innovation, passion, and solutions, that you can’t help but be in awe of these people.

 When you are not working, where in Columbus do you like to spend your time?

Outside of the office you can usually find me on the links at any one of the remarkable golf courses in Columbus.

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Name of CEO: Randall T Gerber

About the CEO:

Randall [Randy] T Gerber is the founder and principal of Gerber, LLC – a professional service firm exclusively advising first generation entrepreneurs. Randy has been helping shape leaders both inside and outside of his company for over two decades.

A graduate of The Ohio State University, Randy started his business directly out of college in 1991 and is going on his 25th year of business. Randy has spent his career working hand in hand with business owners to understand what they want out of life, and putting the holistic plans in place designed to make it happen.

Number of years as CEO: 25

Number of years with the business: 25

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