Member Spotlight: thinkCSC

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thinkCSC is in the business of helping their clients exceed their goals by making wise and customized IT tom-hastingsdecisions in the most economical way. The company’s Managed & Cloud services allow their clients to focus on their priorities – their customers! thinkCSC is more than a group of talented IT experts you can rely on: They are a full-service Chief Technology Office.

Why is your business a Chamber Member?

Not only is the Chamber a civic staple, to which membership is an admirable civic responsibility, but the Chamber is also a pro-active, evolving organization of community development, with a passion and drive that fuels real community-based involvement and in-depth holistic activism that thinkCSC is proud to be part of. The Chamber prioritizes the needs of our local economy, employing the experience and expertise of its members, to implement a road map for guiding Columbus businesses to success.

What has been the most valuable aspect of your Columbus Chamber membership?

The most valuable aspect of our membership has been the ability to connect with other like-minded business leaders, and the opportunity it has offered for us to play an active role in Columbus economic development.

What type of community service or philanthropy does your business engage in or support?

thinkCSC believes that we all benefit personally and professionally from communityservice. From delivering Meals on Wheels for LifeCare Alliance to sponsoring our YWCA’s annual events, we encourage and support community involvement. CEO Tom Hastings has even been known to read books to second graders to support the wonderful mission of: I Know I Can! Also, we are also proud investors in Columbus2020.

What is the greatest strength of your workforce? How would you describe your company culture?

The greatest strength of our workforce is the sense of partnership each of our team members has, not only to our clients but to each other and to the community. When a client needs immediate attention or a teammate is in need of assistance, it’s not uncommon to have more than one of our team quickly respond to see how they may help. IT consulting can have its moments of pressure. So, we’ve created an atmosphere where everyone can feel safe to vent over frustrations that they may be experiencing. Our billiards room, surround sound system and flat panel TVs are great stress relievers as well!

What is the biggest accomplishment for your business over the past six months? And what business tool, information, resource, connection did you have that helped you achieve this goal?

thinkCSC manufactures and supports our own cloud services (no middle man). Because thinkCSC owns our own cloud, we can be very nimble when it comes to customizing IT needs. When a client contacts thinkCSC, they are talking with both their IT provider and their Cloud provider. So, when a business is considering the cloud, we encourage them to ask their IT provider if they are cloud manufacturer or reseller – the difference is huge! Over the last six months, we’ve seen huge growth with our cloud-based phone system, voice over IP (VoIP). Our VoIP service allows for mass customization for our clients’ business phone needs at an economical price. Also, we’ve added new partners to our line card: Nimble Storage (storage area network) and Anchor (enterprise file sharing). Nimble is different because their SAN solution is built upon flash memory and scales as your storage needs grow. Anchor is like “Drop Box” on steroids. Anchor comes with much more security than consumer based file sharing solutions, which allows businesses a secure network when sharing confidential information.

What advice would you share with other Chamber Members?

Your membership in the Chamber of Commerce is more than just a networking opportunity; it’s an opportunity for you to take a leadership role in the future success of Columbus. Get involved. Make a difference.

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