Guideposts to Focus on Recruitment

Dessa Augsburger
Talent dot connector at the Columbus Chamber of Commerce. Columbus enthusiast, data nerd, board sports thrill seeker.

Written by Dessa Augsburger, Manager of Talent Connections for the Columbus Chamber

Sure we have goals for getting the right talent in the door, right? Such as finding the right cultural fit, and someone who can, well, do the job. Good intentions aside, it helps to have some solid goals, but who has time for that?

Thanks to Dr. John Sullivan, getting started on a plan to execute and evaluate your talent practices is a little bit easier. Dr. Sullivan has named several goals in key areas related to your talent practices, from the initial posting and fielding of applicants, to evaluating whether the candidate was a sound investment.

To get started, you might peruse these goals. Perhaps try some on for size, and maybe even fully adopt some or all of these goals to guide tactics and strategies. For more insight, we can get you connected to resources within the Chamber’s network who specialize in talent.

Dr. Sullivan’s goals are organized around:

Quality and Volume of Hire
• Hire innovators
• Hire top performers
• Hire those who stay
• Hire top college grads
• No positions went unfilled
• Hire diversity

Maximizing Business Impact
• No significant revenue loss
• No project delays
• Goals related to providing a competitive advantage
• Provide a competitive advantage
• Win head-to-head competitions

Hiring Managers
• Satisfied hiring managers
• Respecting a hiring manager’s time
• Compliant hiring managers

Strategic Recruiting
• Employer brand strength
• Talent pipeline capability
• Positions are prioritized
• Top sources are used
• A fast time to fill
• Quality applicants were not missed
• Legal compliance
• A strong business case
• Continuous improvement process
• Forecasted talent shortages and surpluses

• Qualified applicants
• Satisfied applicants

Read More: These Strategic Goals Can Help to Focus Your Recruiting Function, by Dr. John Sullivan.