Member Spotlight: DHDC Engineering Consulting Services, Inc.

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DhdcDHDC Engineering Consulting Services, Inc. (DHDC) is a Minority
Business Enterprise (MBE) with offices in Columbus and Middletown, Ohio.  DHDC Engineering is product of Design Home
and Development Group and Solar-Lee Testing Engineering with the vast experience
of both groups dating back in 1994.  We
are Certified Surveyors and Engineers by the State of Ohio Board of

Why we are members of the Columbus Chamber of Commerce:

We are proud members of the
Columbus Chambers which we believe it is one of the only organizations that can help business reach out
to a broader clientele or other businesses in Central Ohio. In addition, the
chamber provides discounted services from other affiliated members that can
really help a starting business reach its goals without going bankrupt. The
chambers staff is willing to help and go beyond their call of responsibilities to help
affiliated businesses help each other and reach out to other potential members.

Fun Facts about DHDC:

DHDC stands for Design Homes and Development but we do not
provide any of those services.  It just
happened that DHDC had a need for engineering services and that is how it came
to be the DHDC Engineering Consulting Services. We have a diverse group of employees with
the owners being from two different backgrounds so it is fun to hear them go at
it at Greek and Bangladeshi.  It all
sounds Greek anyway. 

Featured Service:

We are certified by the American Materials Reference Laboratory (AMRL)
and Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory (CCRL) and meet all American
Standards for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and American Concrete Institute
(ACI) specifications and participates regularly in numerous proficiency
programs administered by AASHTO and ASTM. We are prequalified by ODOT under Geotechnical (engineering,
drilling, and laboratory), Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE), and Environmental
(Phase I, Phase II, and UST).  We are
also certified for "Special Inspections" under the Ohio Building
Code-Chapter 17 from the Board of Building Standards.