Being Prepared for H1N1

Columbus Chamber
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We have partnered with Columbus Public Health and the Franklin County Board of Health, to provide information to the business community.

A recent Harvard study said that businesses are not prepared to handle a major outbreak of illness, such as H1N1. In this study businesses said that if a majority of their workforce had to be away from the workplace, they could not sustain business operations.

I have also heard a prediction that at least 70 percent of us will personally be affected by this illness. Not that we’ll all have H1N1 but that we’ll need to care for a family member, cover for a colleague who is not at work, or change our travel or meeting plans.

Think about how this will affect your business operations.

As a business community, we need to be prepared. There are numerous steps you can take including:

  • Consider telecommuting options for those who have been exposed or who are caring for a sick family member.
  • Offer flexible leave policies so those who are ill will stay home – to protect the rest of your employees and customers.
  • Cross train employees now to make sure you have the capacity to sustain vital operations.
  • Educate your workforce on steps they can take to stay healthy such as washing hands and obtaining flu vaccinations.
  • If you rely heavily on outsourcing, check with your vendors to insure they have a plan.

You need to take the steps that work for your business. But remember that the plans you implement in your business affect the health and wellness of our community as a whole.  We want your business to be sustainable and our community to be healthy – economically and physically.

This year’s economy has presented a challenge for many businesses. We know that you are resilient and that you will persevere. Thank you for taking the time to discuss and plan for what could be a business-changing situation.