Guest Post: 10 things every employer should know about workers’ compensation coverage in Ohio

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We asked our Workers' Compensation provider what 10 things should every employer know about workers' compensation. Here's what they said:

  1. It's a payroll driven system
  2. Premium payments are made in arrears
  3. Group Rating discounts are applied one year after enrollment into the group rating program
  4. Injured Worker is given the benefit of the doubt
  5. It's no Fault System
  6. There are three factors to determine premium calculation:  1) industry classification; 2) claim costs; 3) payroll
  7. Claims effect your premium rates for 4 years; employers should reapply annually for group rating to check eligibility status
  8. There are 5 ways to control premium costs:  1)  accurate payroll reporting; 2) reduction in claim costs; 3)  implementation of safety practices; 4) implementation of hiring best practices; 5)  risk management strategies enforced
  9. There are 5 ways to control claim costs:  1)  aggressive claims management; 2) handicap reimbursements; 3) settlement; 4) transitional work/vocational rehabilitation; 5) salary continuation
  10. There are multiple alternative rating (discount) programs available to reduce rates including group rating, safety council, drug-free workplace program, $15k medical program, deductible program, group retrospective rating, and self insurance

A no-nonsense guide to signing up for the Columbus Chamber’s workers’ compensation program.  It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3 !

  1. Request a free, no-obligation quote through one of the following quick and easy methods:
    1. a.    Over the Phone – contact our third party administrator,
      CompManagement at (800) 825-6755, option 3 and speak to a Customer
      Support representative
    2. b.    Complete the sign-up form online
  2. Watch your mail for information from CompManagement on your Group Savings Estimate
  3. Complete the enrollment materials and return to CompManagment by
    the Group Rating application filing deadline of February 26, 2010

Guest post by CompManagement, the Columbus Chamber's Workers' Compensation provider.

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