Member Spotlight: SolarTex

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About SolarTex, Inc.:

Solar-Tex, Inc. is an Ohio Corporation that began operations in 1985 and continues to provide  3M Sun Control products for residential and commercial clients. Over the years, however, our product line has increased to include interior design films, protective coverings and vinyl graphics and signage.

We work with our clients to match the right product to each unique situation, whether the concern is fading, interior comfort, energy conservation, privacy films, company branding signage, safety and security of glass, or anything else.

Why we’re members:
At Solar-Tex, Inc. we are committed to several core values: people, relationships, business integrity and the environment. These values are enhanced by our membership in the Columbus Chamber as we build relationships that help shape and refine our commitment to offering the best products and superior services.
People: The right people make us the right business choice. We are a family-owned business with people who know and trust each others contributions and talents. Our people are committed to bringing the best possible service to our customers.

Featured Products:

Sun-Control Window Films: the use of commercial window film gives your windows added insulating value to help increase interior comfort, employee productivity, and reduce building energy costs.

•    High performance film rejects up to 79% of heat that would otherwise come through the window.
•    Helps maintain a more consistent temperature inside eliminating hot and cold spots.

Additionally, applying window film to your building will provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate environmental leadership and can earn your building LEED credit toward becoming a green facility.

The use of residential window film keeps your home at a more consistent temperature, reducing hot & cold spots that keep your HVAC system working overtime. Other benefits include:

•    Blocks up to 76% of solar heat before it enters your home thus saving money on utility costs.
•    Limits harsh glare that makes rooms uncomfortable and causes unnecessary eye strain.
•    Virtually eliminates harmful UV rays, the primary cause of fading.


Decorative Vinyl Films:

Specialized films and vinyls can be chosen to design and fabricate visual direction that gives designers distinctive and versatile options for interior spaces. Application areas include windows, walls, floors in new buildings and virtually any area you want to give an “aesthetic makeover” in an existing structure. Popular applications include: motivational signage, company mission statements, colored vinyls cut in stripes, dots or other unique shapes, logos & branding and gass to increase privacy. As the needs of the space change these applications can be easily removed returning the area to it’s original state.


Cool Facts:

Founded in 1985 as a drapery & textile company our focus gradually shifted to sun control window films when our founder inquired on an ad in a trade magazine seeking dealers for 3M Window Films.  Some 20 years later window films continue to be an integral part of our operations.

If you call us and ask for someone with the last name Hulett, you will have five different options to choose from! Founded by Roger and Barbara Hulett, 2nd generation operations began in 1999 when Jarett Hulett joined the team. Shortly thereafter, his wife Missy came on board. Finally Brad was added in late 2006 to make it five! Oh yeah, we do have other important associates not bearing the Hulett name.

We don’t do cars! Window film technologies are becoming more and more utilized on commercial and residential properties for the many benefits they offer.

Our decorative line of films are often applied to walls, floors and many substrates other than glass for company branding, motivational signage and building aesthetics.