At the Columbus Chamber, we pride ourselves on our dedication to helping your business thrive. Connecting members to the resources they need is an invaluable service the Chamber offers. This  service was put to good use by two companies in need of a connection: MCR Medical and ViaQuest.

MCR Medical, a growing first aid supplies wholesaler, found that its workforce was unable to meet market demand for its products. The owners turned to the Chamber in search of a solution.

Across the region, ViaQuest, a large healthcare and social services provider to veterans and special needs adults was looking to expand its employment services program. The company had a large group of dedicated workers, but needed to find a partner. Seeing the problems both companies were facing, our member resource specialist brought them together. It was a perfect match. With additional workforce, MCR Medical has been able to meet demand and thus experience exponential growth—increasing sales by 80 percent! And ViaQuest has been able to expand its programming by serving and hiring more people.

At the Columbus Chamber, we understand what you need to thrive and work more efficiently. Call on us, and let us show you what we can do for your business.