Member Spotlight: American National Skyline, Inc.

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American National Skyline, Inc. (ANSI) is a commercial window cleaning company specializing in high-rise and low-rise commercial window washing. We also provide power washing services for our customers. Since safety and training are our priorities employees not only participate in our safety training certification program but are drug tested, uniformed and maintain a professional appearance.

Why We Are Members of the Columbus Chamber:

Our membership in the Chamber has been a great benefit to facilitating our growth. It allows us a platform to interact with other members and discuss current business trends and share opportunities in a relaxed setting. We find the chamber’s database of members a great tool for networking and generating leads.

Fun Facts about American National Skyline, Inc.:

ANSI has been a leader in developing new and more efficient methods of cleaning windows in Ohio for the past three decades. We recently have enhanced our window cleaning technology by purchasing a self-cleaning window washing machine to clean multiple story buildings. The “IPC Eagle High Rise” cleans high rise buildings and windows without having the liability of window washers hanging on the side of a building. This process uses a deionized water and filtering system to leave buildings and
windows virtually spot and streak free without using chemicals. 

Featured Service:

We now offer glass restoration for scratched or etched glass. Instead of replacing glass that has become damaged from vandalism, scratches or concrete dust etching we offer the “Renu Glass” restoration process. This cutting edge technology will bring your damaged glass back to life without the costly price of replacement. You will be amazed by the results. Don’t Replace, Restore!

ANSI is committed to excellence in commercial window cleaning by working with the best window cleaning technology available in the United States. As stated previously we have introduced the IPC Eagle High Rise to the Columbus market. We are also pleased to introduce water-fed poles that utilize Carbon Fiber technology. These poles can reach 60 ft. in the air and weigh less than 11 pounds. The water-fed poles enable ANSI to clean multiple story buildings without using aerial lifts, ladders or window cleaners hanging from roof tops. Water-fed poles use the same filtering system as the IPC Eagle High Rise to produce “pure” water and remove dirt and debris from windows and frames. It leaves the glass spot free from runs and drips that may occur from normal window cleaning.

Water-fed poles can offer cost savings to property owner and mangers by eliminating aerial lift rental costs. It also can reduce labor time on job sites for ANSI which results
in a lower cost for window cleaning to owners and managers bottom line. The most important benefit is the safety benefit to the property owners and building mangers. Your liability exposure is reduced considerably when your high rise window cleaning company won’t have to get on aerial lifts, tie-off on a roof, or use a 48 ft extension ladder to clean your windows. These potentially hazardous safety situations associated with window cleaning may be eliminated when working with ANSI.

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