Member Spotlight: AEP Energy

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With deregulation
in Ohio, you may now choose an electricity supplier to help you save money and reduce your
bottom line. AEP Energy, a subsidiary of American Electric Power, is a
competitive electric supplier that
sells and provides customized electricity solutions to meet the needs of your
business, unlike the
regulated local utility, AEP Ohio.

When you choose
AEP Energy, you will continue to receive the same reliable delivery service
from your local utility,
except you’ll pay less for it. And, for your convenience, you’ll continue to
receive one bill from AEP Ohio. We offer a variety of electricity pricing plans and energy management services to help you save money.To get started, all we need is a copy of your most recent electricity bill. Once we receive your bill and get to know how your business operates, we’ll provide you with a complimentary savings analysis that fits the needs of your business and maximizes your savings with us.

Why We’re Chamber

Our business is
to help your business operate more efficiently. As the Columbus Chamber of Commerce’s preferred electricity savings partner, AEP Energy can help your business use less energy and spend less for it. Look to us as your energy
experts. We will work
individually with you to customize a plan that is best for your business model. 

Fun Facts about
AEP Energy

  • •AEP
    Energy is a subsidiary of American Electric Power Co., Inc., one of the nation’s
    largest electric
    utilities delivering electricity to more than 5 million customers in 11 states.
  • • A
    competitive supplier of power and energy management since 2002, we serve more
    than 180,000 customers
    and operate in 20 utility service territories across the U.S.
  • AEP
    Energy is active and serves customers in all four utilities that participate in
    Ohio’s electric choice program,
    which includes, AEP Ohio, FirstEnergy, Duke Energy and Dayton Power & Light.
  • AEP
    Energy also serves customers of other deregulated utilities in the states of
    Illinois, Pennsylvania,
    Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Washington D.C. Our energy management solutions are
    offered to customers nationwide.
  • Our
    mission is to help customers “use less energy and spend less for it.”


exclusive pricing tool allows us to customize a pricing plan and term period
based on your business needs so
you maximize your savings potential with us. We’ll
provide your business with a FREE energy audit, so you can understand what
energy efficiency
measures can be utilized to save you even more money on your energy costs.


  • •Save
    money on your electricity costs and reduce your bottom line
  • Receive
    the same reliable delivery service from your local utility
  • No
    cost to switch
  •  No
    interruption in power delivery
  • Continue
    to receive one bill from AEP Ohio
  • No
    visit required
  • Simple
    enrolment process
  • Budget

Simple Steps to Start Saving!

1. Send us a
copy of your recent electricity bill via fax or email.

2. An AEP
Energy representative will contact you and provide you with a complimentary
savings analysis.

3. Enroll and
start saving!